We offer complete location management and photo production services, focusing exclusively on the island of Mykonos.

With close to 70 opulent beaches, crystal clear sparkling waters, picturesque white washed houses following the Cycladic architecture and having some of the best light in the world, Mykonos truly serves as an ideal backdrop to your dream shoot.

It is a wonderful juxtaposition of simple traditional life and the glamorous jet set lifestyle, and our purpose is to unravel this gem of an island that led so many legendary celebrities like Jackie O, Churchill, Kallas, and Soragia to make Mykonos their undisputed choice of vacation for the last 50 years.

We strive to create the perfect setting for your optimum shoot, combining knowledgeable location scouting and a full range of tailor made production/concierge services. Our professionalism, dedication and extensive contacts on the island ensure a productive, cost- effective shoot for even the most demanding client.

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